Test Change on InfinitTime with InfiniSim

Since InfinfiTime is an open source firmware, everybody can participate in the development or modify your custom firmware. InfiniSim is an simulator for the InfiniTime/PineTime. That way you can test your code without risking to brick your actual watch.

Load custom Firmware into InfiniSim

If you build InfiniSim with the default configuration, you get a running simulator. But It will not include your changes.

To do that you have to specify the -DInfiniTime_DIR=InfiniTime parameter in the build configuration.

[tux@server]$ cmake -S . -B build -DInfiniTime_DIR=/home/jannik/git/InfiniTime
[tux@server]$ cmake --build build -j4

That way InfiniSim will not only build it self but the included InfiniTime Firmware with all your changes as well.

If you now run InfiniSim you will see your changes.

[tux@server]$ ./build/infinisim
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