Setup NFS Server on RHEL

If you need to share files between multiple servers, the easiest way is to setup a nfs-server.

Install Packages

First you need to install the necessary packages on the server, you want to host the share on.

[tux@server]$ sudo dnf install nfs-utils

Configure Exports

The next step is to define which folders will be available for which client. This is done in the configuration file /etc/exports.

The structure of this file is

local-directory client(options)

The fields are separated by spaces, so do not use tab or multiple spaces.

In this example I want to share the folder /mnt/public and only with serverb.lab.

[tux@server]$ sudo vim /etc/exports
/mnt/public serverb.lab(rw)

This allows serverb.lab to read and write to the share. If you want to make the access public, you can use an * instead of the servername or ip.

If you make any changes, once the nfs-service is running, you need to reload the configuration.

[tux@server] sudo systemctl reload nfs-server

Start the NFS Server

Now we need to start the services.

[tux@server]$ sudo systemctl enable --now nfs-server
[tux@server]$ sudo systemctl enable --now rpcbind


If you are using a firewall, you need to open the ports.

[tux@server]$ sudo firewall-cmd --add-service=nfs --add-service=rpc-bind --add-service=mountd
[tux@server]$ sudo firewall-cmd --runtime-to-permanent

Testing the Export

If you want to test the export on your client, you can use showmount.

[tux@serverb]$ showmount -e <nfs-server>

This will list all of the available NFS shares on the server.

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